Sales Video from Helio Aircraft in the mid-'80s.

Continued 1980s sales video on H-700 & H-800 aircraft.

Skydiving from a Courier

Skydiving from a Stallion

Helio Practice in the Pacific Northwest

Slobovia Pumpkin Drop with Henry

Download Orginal Helio Training Manual from Larmont Aviation
This manual is not a replacement for flight instruction from a qualified FAA Certified Flight Instructor.

Helio STOL White Papers by Canadian Bush Pilot Tom Bradley

Introduction to the Helio Super Courier H295.pdf
Snow Conditions.pdf
Helio Courier Price List 1970 - Feb 14 2021 - 3-28 PM.pdf
PrivatePilot Mag July 1971 Helio Courier - Feb 14 2021 - 3-37 PM.pdf